2.4 million new users a month in India

Alan Mamedi, Truecaller co-founder and chief executive officer, tells ME during a meeting at cypress Capital’s Old Delhi workplace. cypress Capital invested with $18.8 million in Truecaller earlier this February.

For those still unaware concerning Truecaller, it’s AN app that identifies the name whenever you get a decision from AN unknown range. The app uploads the user’s telephone directory and creates a crowdsourced directory. the concept bore seed once Mamedi and his friend, Nami Zarringhalam completed they were obtaining too several calls from unknown numbers and didn’t grasp that calls were vital and that weren’t.

“It was in 2009 we have a tendency to|and that we started atiny low project wherever we connected yellow and telephone directory from everywhere the globe. we tend to created it for Windows Mobile and created it public. inside a month, the app had crossed ten,000 downloads,” Mamedi says. “Soon we tend to were obtaining ton of requests for options from users. In 2010, we tend to determined to quit our jobs and work on Truecaller full time.”

India clad to be one in all the countries from wherever they got most requests. Being a ninety five p.c postpaid market, the country didn’t have any thought of phone book for mobile phone users, that prompted Mamedi and Zarringhalam to appear into the crowdfunded directory possibility. these days Bharat is that the biggest country for the corporate, accounting for near sixty p.c of its user base.
Despite the expansion in several countries like Bharat wherever it’s adding 600,000 users hebdomadally and Lebanese Republic wherever half the entire population uses the service, Truecaller faces some hurdles on achieving WhatsApp like cult standing. one in all them is users worrying concerning their privacy.

The idea concerning sharing their entire telephone directory or having their contact details on Truecaller while not them knowing concerning it since some other person with their contact details in their telephone directory shared them with Truecaller spooks several users. this can be true particularly in mature markets wherever users have a heightened sense of awareness around privacy. Truecaller is responsive to these sensitivities however is doing all it will to confirm these fears square measure quenched.

“Everything in Truecaller is AN opt-in practicality. you can not get a signaling from Truecaller if you’ve got a reputation. On the opposite hand, if you’ve got the signaling, we are going to offer data if we’ve it, as a result of you’ll be able to conjointly get the picture by business that range,” Mamedi explains. “It conjointly appearance into your social circle. therefore as an example, one won’t be able to get Bill Gates’ range although it’s accessible on Truecaller.”

It is tough to vary mindsets however Truecaller is already growing at AN insane pace in Bharat. Truecaller has twenty nine million users in Bharat and is adding a median of 600,000 new users hebdomadally or a pair of.4 million users a month. the corporate claims it blocks a pair of million spam calls each day in Bharat alone.

There is still lots of scope for Truecaller for growth and it looks still comparatively youth for the service. the corporate has forty workers operating full-time in Sverige, principally engineers, and thirty others UN agency work part-time. “There square measure quite thirty nationalities performing at Truecaller which will speak in over forty languages. we tend to wished to form a very multi-national company,” Mamedi says.

Still, Truecaller includes a ton of ground to hide. it’s not active in China however, as an example, that is additionally the world’s largest smartphone market. the corporate has known priority markets, which incorporates Bharat, Middle East, Asia and geographic region.

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