Best 2018 BuddyPress-compatible WordPress Themes for a Community

In a distant land back in 2008, there was a theater troupe which consisted of young, talented and, as so often happens, unknown actors.

They tried many marketing and acting campaigns to promote themselves, but nothing worked and they remained unprofitable. That was until the day they decided to give people limited access to their tickets. They created a website where only the members could purchase them, and, having considered the specifics of the theater fan audience, they created a website with a community.

Basically, those theater admirers could sign in on the website, get a ticket and talk to other theater admirers, discussing the latest theater news and thus spread the word. The funny, but not too surprising result was that it worked. People started wondering why they couldn’t get the tickets easily and wanted to figure out what kind of actors there were. The word spread far and wide, the website fan community grew larger and larger until the moment when there was no point in it anymore, because the troupe had achieved a steady audience.

These marketing tactics worked. There were also many other websites with a community which performed well, like a quite well-known Dribbble, for example. At first, you could only get there by invitation. Facebook allowed you to register, but only if you had an invitation first. And guess what, receiving such an invitation was rare, and the entering of the community was prestigious.

Those communities formed and grew, boosting the website popularity to an incredibly high level.

What’s a BuddyPress
If you are planning the creation of an online community in 2017, or you just want to bring social network functionality to your WordPress-based website or blog, a good idea would be to install the BuddyPress plugin. It’s a plugin that adds social networking capabilities to the basic functionality of WordPress.

For example, by adding an extended author profile functionality you can easily turn an ordinary blog into a full-fledged social network. BuddyPress is fairly easy to use and it supports almost all existing WordPress themes.

BuddyPress adds the following features to WordPress:

Activity streams: users can monitor the recent activity of their friends or groups on your site.
Advanced profiles: built-in user profiles of WordPress can’t even be compared to them. The profiles can include friends, groups, recent activity, recent user posts, biography, and contact information. And these are only the default settings!
Friends: users can add each other as friends, making it much easier to communicate and track events.
Personal correspondence: as you can probably guess, it’s the ability to exchange private messages between users.
Groups: users can create and join groups (communities) covering any topic.
Blogs: using WPMU capabilities along with the multisite WordPress capability, BuddyPress will allow you to organize a full-featured blog for all of your users. The blog will be integrated into the activity streams and users will be able to post records there using their own account on your site.
Depending on your needs, these functions can be turned on / off in the control panel.

Top 10 BuddyPress-compatible WordPress themes of 2017
And here’s the list of some recently released WordPress themes which follow all the web design trends of 2017 in the best way and are perfectly suitable for creating a community project. These are fully responsive, modern looking and stylish themes that have a 24/7 lifetime support. Be assured that even if you have an issue when customizing the template at 3:00 in the morning, you’ll get a response from a chat manager within a few minutes.

Glossy Look

The daring look of this fashion website template sets it apart from other WordPress themes and will make your customers want to sign up and keep coming back to you. The powerful imagery makes it a great option for those who have great photos related to their fashion business. It, of course, has blogging support, but if you want to use this template and expand blogging to full social networking functionality, you can do it quite simply, as it’s fully BuddyPress compatible.


This is a multipurpose theme which has almost hit sales of 2000 units. It lets you switch designs even after you’ve set your website up and running. It’s also worth mentioning, that while working with this example of multipurpose WordPress themes, you will also have a diversity of design choices as opposed to a usual one topic theme. As this theme is intended for general use, you can convert it to a fully-functional social network by using BuddyPress plugin.


If you need a complete news website, you may consider using this theme. It may also be considered a powerful social media WordPress theme, so you’ll be able to build a strong social media community with the help of BuddyPress plugin using this theme. Your website visitors will be happy to return to this bright website with an intuitively understandable design, which makes the content so much easier to absorb.


The next things that you notice after the smile of the model on the front image are the flat design banners. These enable you to segment wisely the information that you’re going to put on the website. Looking at this type of health lifestyle blog theme, one may easily imagine how simple it would be to convert it to a fully-functional healthy lifestyle, devoted, social community if BuddyPress is at hand.


If you’re a fan of a Pinterest-like layout and looking for the Pinterest-like community themes, you will definitely enjoy this design. It can become a great portfolio with a community of fans for a photographer, architect, etc. Have a look at the demo and see if it meets your requirements. Then consider using BuddyPress plugin to turn your future portfolio website into a community.


Flat design is King, and this is yet further proof of this statement. Social network WordPress themes need to have an uncluttered design and the hidden menu placed on the right side of this template helps keep it tidy. BuddyPress will help you to turn this dating site into an international dating community, for example.


This template could be a great solution for those who are trying to make the world a better place. A charity non-profit WordPress theme may attract a huge community of those who care. Make sure you know how your perfect website needs to look and see if this design fits the image. Convert this theme to a women rights community, for example, with the help of your old BuddyPress.

Richard Nelson

Politics divide people, while your purpose is to unite them. Using a political WordPress theme like this could help you do that and create a community of like-minded people. Expand this site’s features by adding a full social network functionality and invite people to a community of those who vote for something.

Senior Home Care

A senior home care WordPress theme may be enjoyed by those who need to convey a mood of calmness, good health and being covered. Finding some great BuddyPress-compatible themes for WordPress like this and building a community in this type of organization would only make your organization stronger. Note that all themes like this one have full mobile device support, so your website can be accessed by iPhone and Android users easily.

Open Heart

The very concept of charity projects implies having a strong community. This template would be perfectly compatible with a BuddyPress plugin, bringing it even closer to your audience. Don’t miss out, have a look at it. Adding a social network capability to a socially-oriented website seems like a good idea!

Hopefully, you’ve found something that fits your project among these brand new 2017 WordPress themes. If you haven’t, you may check out the full list of WordPress themes which are compatible with BuddyPress plugin. Create a strong community and may a high conversion rate be with you!

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