So, I am back!

Well, Not regularly, of course, because I am still overwhelmed in the busyness that out-of-state moving brings, but I am back today to give you a glimpse of my ‘motherhood’ life after having received one cool product to be reviewed from Ozeri, the green company with such awesome products worth trying and even recommending. This time, I have the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer called Turtlemeter.

As a mom with two very active daughters, even bath time needs to be extra fun. Floating toys in a tub is a given when it comes to making bath time extra fun and it isn’t a problem at all looking for those kinds of toys because in every store with children’s stuff, you can buy them at your convenience. However, a bath-time toy and and a bath tub thermometer in one? I have only heard about it this time from Ozeri! And I am one grateful mom to be able to try and use it for FREE in exchange for my honest review.

Thus, after receiving it a couple days ago, I got so excited to try it and experience the extra fun it can give towards bath-time! I thought at first that I shall just pack it up and bring it in our move to Texas next week and will just use it there to try the Texas water when the kids take a bath for the first time of our Texas lifestyle but when the eldest daughter saw it, she was the most thrilled soul! She even volunteered to give the little sister a bath with Turtlemeter’s help of making the water perfectly warm. Well, to enjoy Wisconsin water the most on our last few days before our big move, it wasn’t packed at all; instead, I went ahead, opened its packaging and tried Turtlemeter in our toddler’s bath tub! Guess how it went?

Super fun, fun, fun bath time– can you tell?
Do I like the product? Absolutely! First of all, the collage above is a glimpse of how a bath time went with Turtlemeter’s attendance. Lol. It definitely added some excitement to the little one being an animal-lover that she is.

Personally, I think the product, as a turtle toy, is perfectly invented for kids! Who doesn’t adore turtles, right? And, turtle toys as cute as this makes kids even more thrilled. As a thermometer device, Turtlemeter is definitely AMAZING! It all comes down to how it can make bath time safe for kids and in places where a correct temperature for water during bath time should be a number one safety concern for kids, you can’t beat having a toy at the same time a thermometer device in your child’s bath tub! It will tell you if you have the right water temperature for your little one the moment you place it in the tub.

On warm summery days when the temperature outside is in the 70s, for us here in Wisconsin, a water temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit is already warm enough for a soothing and fun bath time. Thus, even with the blue light on in our Turtlemeter, still, I know, as a mom, that the little one has the right warmness of water. Having said that, you don’t necessarily have to wait for the LCD signal of the device to turn green reaching a temperature of 98.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Such would already be too hot for my little ones, I believe. Thus, it is still a matter of relying on your own instinct and knowledge as a mom. The nicest thing about this product is that it has passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and definitely is environment-friendly, as all Ozeri products are! It is safe and fun both in and out of the bath, and is ready for use the moment you take it out from its packaging as it is pre-installed with 3 AAA batteries.

So, moms and dads out there– this is one of the best things you can get for your kids’ bath time to turn extra fun and safe! Check it out on sale right now at Amazon or you can also see the entire product information at Ozeri’s website or Facebook Page.

Disclaimer: There was no monetary compensation made between Ozeri and myself as I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review based from my personal use and experience which may be different from others.

There are many things in life that we keep on dreaming to happen and most often, we even spend our time and sweat on working towards it, hoping that someday, we can accomplish it. Just like in my family’s part. It has been our plan to go to Philippines for this year’s summer and spend a good vacation there. Such is our desire for the past two years now. All along, we have been saving for it, but Somebody Up There has other plans for us.

That other plan became the best present I can think of for our 10 Years Wedding Anniversary. Oh no, it is not a Kendra Scott designer jewelry. Not even close! If you guess it is a car, I would say you’re close! Lol. Initially, we also planned to get us another car once we can pay off our current mortgage for our Grand Caravan. But lo and behold, we actually couldn’t, even though we were able to pay our remaining mortgage off last February. That present is actually the new house that we can soon have for our family!

Yes, after 10 years, we can finally have a home that we can call our home. Wouldn’t you like to call it the best anniversary present as well? Of course, love won’t count, because it is not a present during anniversary only but every moment of every day.

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