Teaching my child to save while she is still young is a good thing

This very first piggy bank that she has is a gift when she wasn’t born yet. A church friend gave this to me during the Baby Shower party that they gave me a month before I gave birth and when the daughter turned four years old, that’s when she started depositing her coins into this piggy bank.

After a year of starting a coin bank, she now has two other coin banks and none of them has been filled to the fullest yet. Lol. Blame our absence of moneys around here! Hahaha. That’s because we don’t use cash at all during our purchase so this child seldom gets to hold a money and drop it in her bank. Oh well, at least she has the thought that saving the coins will make her a responsible finance holder so it should be good enough.

Another thing is, our daughter is being taught to be a good steward of money. Every Sabbath, in her Sabbath School class, she always drops a coin or more at the offering box that they have. I and the husband grew up that way and we are teaching our child to do the same to show our love and being a good steward to God in forms of Tithes and offerings. I thought giving back to the church our love offering and tithes is laying up for ourselves treasures in heaven, since those moneys that we give back will help the missionaries reach out to others and share God’s love to them.

I still have more to share, but I think I’m going to end this post here. Gosh, this has been a long one (as if this is my first time making a long entry, LOL), and I still have to wake up tomorrow early for my dental appointment at 9am. Time check, it’s currently 2:11 in the morning, so staying this long doesn’t give you a tip on saving because I still have a lamp on and some electricity usage on the hours that should have been spent sleeping. LOL.

Anyway, I hope you’ve gotten even a single good tip from what I’ve shared!
And before I forget, Happy 3rd Blogversary to the very accommodating host of Mommy Moments!
I say yes for activities that can make the children’s minds wander and work! My daughter, in her 5 years of existence, has never uttered the words “I’m bored!” which most kids here in America complain. Thank God for that, because I sure don’t want to hear her say those words. May parents around us would ask what we did to our daughter why she is so behave and looks really reserved but when she talks, she is just oozing with talent and eloquence. I may sound to be really biased, but whant can you expect? I am the mom after all! Ha ha ha.

Seriously though, one of my techniques in raising my daughter to be not complaining and unwhiny is surrounding her with educational toys for kids be it art materials for her craft activities, blocks and buildings for her imaginary skills, games and puzzles for her intellectual ability, musical instruments for her musical talents, and so many more. My daughter enjoys so many things to play with and even though she doesn’t have a lot, she is so creative and can always come up with something out of papers, scissor, glue, coloring materials, and pens/pencils.

When we go to the library, she enjoys wrestling with the Lego set there because it has a lot of blocks or pieces compared to what she has here at home.
When she turned 4 years old last year, I also got this for her:
Her activity laptop!!!

However, she didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it because she prefers learning words and numbers through books and oral instructions so she just seldom uses it. But for sure, some kids would prefer this one than oral teaching so if you have a kid, you might want to consider getting one for yours.

As for my daughter’s room, I want to get a childrens play furniture for her in our new place. That isn’t a top priority though, so for now, she will deal with what she currently has in her play area.

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